How to write a sentimental father of the bride speech.

We all know that the father of the bride speech should be a sentimental and warming tribute to the new bride. But how much sentiment is too much? Is there such a thing? As the owner of Adaptable Speechwriting, I have written my fair share of wedding speeches, including father of the bride speeches so I thought I would share a few pointers.

The most important thing to understand when writing your father of the bride speech is how to keep consistency with the relationship you have with your daughter. I’ve heard father of the bride speeches include an overwhelming level of sentiment and hyperbole when in fact the relationship between the father  and the bride is normally much more reserved. Some great father of the bride speeches (from sterner fathers) actually outline this lack of sentiment from everyday life explicitly, meaning they can proceed with more emotion throughout the speech. This reduces discomfort amongst the guests.

Needless to say, most father-daughter relationships are very loving and nurturing. The father of the bride speech is a brilliant way to remind and further demonstrate to friends and family just what she really means to you. Humorous but heart-warming stories from her childhood are always a winner. They showcase your special relationship and set you aside from other people close to her. What funny habits did she form when she was young? How did she get what she wanted from her dad? I’m sure as you begin to think of some anecdotes the sentiment will kick in!

Don’t forget to mention your account of the groom too. How did you meet each other? Did you approve of him straight away? How did he ask for your blessing? There is an opportunity at this point of your speech to offer some light-hearted banter towards the groom, but a positive character reference should always be used to end your account of him in good faith.

Once your stories, references and gestures are in place all you have to do is focus on the delivery and rest assured you will leave the guests inspired and in awe of your speech.

I’ve written many father of the bride speeches for dads across the country, if you would like any impartial advice feel free to get in touch!