With the corporate arena being so diverse, and with such a variety of contributors with conflicting interests, it can seem daunting to try and appeal to them all. Corporate speeches take many different formats. Whether you’re presenting to the board, the shareholders or 2000 of your employees, the key is to really understand your audience and the direction of your message. For example, a speech to your employment base regarding an acquisition will most likely involve an informative approach of ensuring job security and the identification (and easing) of potential concerns. This would involve softer and more reassuring language techniques. If we were discussing the same topic with the shareholders we would use more motivational and powerful vocabulary to convey growth and financial opportunity.

Each speech is markedly different from any other and that is why I consult before staring the first draft. I will find out every last detail of current activity and conduct company and market research before the pen even touches the paper. With an extensive insight into micro and macro economic principles, and operational experience in the corporate environment, I can help identify your true message and ensure complete success with your speech.


Degree educated in business and a key understanding of business structures from the SME market right through to global FTSE 100 companies.
First-hand experience in operational and management roles in domestic and foreign markets.
Every corporate speech is vastly different. I have worked with FTSE 100 CEOs right through to Financial Directors of SMEs and each speech is unique to your objective.
I am also a Chartered Financial Planner based in Bath. Through an array of technical qualifications, collaborated with my Speechwriting business, I specialise in speeches for Financial Services professionals.


Are you introducing a new concept or new procedures to your company? Are you informing shareholders about market activity and financial performance? An informative speech needs to be clear and impartial yet portraying strength in the execution.


Do you need support for a potential acquisition? Do you need investment into an idea or are you pitching a high profile sale? Persuasive yet consultative language must be used in order to resonate with the emotion and logic of the audience. Thought processes must be steered, not explicitly demanded!


The key to business success is a motivated workforce. With strong and competent employees brings gains in the marketplace and hence a satisfied board and beaming shareholders. How can you get everyone behind your cause to really deliver results? There is nothing more motivating and inspiring for staff than to see their leader deliver a powerful and motivational speech. The speech is a fantastic opportunity to cement their respect whilst humanising your company’s leadership.

I have consistently enjoyed a healthy month on month growth and I believe this is partly due to the commercially attractive written work Adam provides for me

Tracie Stirling (Evolution Health Club, Billingham)