Are you struggling to find inspiration for your upcoming wedding speech? Are you nervous that your best man speech just isn’t as funny as you would like it to be? Do you want your father of the bride speech to offer the love and sentiment your daughter deserves? If you need help with creating the perfect wedding speech then Adaptable Speechwriting is at your disposal.

Although the majority of the speeches I write for social occasions are best man, father of the bride and groom speeches, there isn’t any form of public speaking that I won’t be able to help you with. I’ve written speeches for funerals, birthday celebrations, retirement parties and charity fundraisers to name but a few.

Regardless of the nature of your speech, it is key to leave the audience awe-inspired and hanging on to your every word. Most of us don’t stand up and deliver a speech very often, so make sure on that rare occasion you get the opportunity, it blows people away and leaves them talking about your speech for years to come.

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I have a diverse portfolio and client base from all walks of life and adapt the speech accordingly to ensure authenticity. I’ve written for weddings across multiple faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities.
Every time I write a wedding speech I receive great feedback from my client. Take a look at my testimonials page for a snippet!
I’ve been writing for social events since 2008 and love the craft more and more every year.


The key to a great best man speech is an effective use of humour, comic timing, sincerity and boundaries.


The father of the bride speech should offer a sentimental and warming account of the bride’s life, some funny stories and a gesture of good faith to the groom.


The groom speech is the opportunity to offer gratitude to your guests and share the affection you hold towards your bride.

His patience and professionalism is second to none and nothing was too much trouble for him. Would definitely recommend his services to all.

Dwight Grant (Groom, Croydon)