Converting economic and political principles into a broadly understandable speech for the general public is how to create success in political speechwriting. The feeling of separation between politicians and the public is frequently noted and this often results in discontent amongst the people who chose to represent them in the first place. A public speech is an incredible way of harnessing emotion and injecting a sense of hope and respect back into the public eye.

With a natural yet motivational rhythm, the speech will ensure that public engagement and belief are a byproduct of your competency in content and delivery.

I’ve written speeches for local election candidates and MPs across the political spectrum and I ensure complete impartiality with my services. With firm knowledge and experience in corporate, economic and political principles, I can ensure that your intended outcome fuels your political success with absolute confidentiality. The speech is the one true opportunity to generate support for your cause. My ability to adapt and understand will guarantee to get you there.


Politics isn’t just part of my job, it’s my passion.
I have a great deal of empathy and impartiality regardless of your political stance.
I’m educated, experienced and personally interested in economic principle, business operations and political activity.


From campaigning to results, election time can be an emotional experience. It is important that your speech reflects the emotional and passionate nature of your audience whilst still maintaining an informative and logical approach. If you are rallying, celebrating or commiserating, your vocabulary should project integrity and a message of hope and support for your cause.


Is your vision the one that will take your party onto a path of success? If you can see a brighter and more positive future it is crucial to have a support base to march you to victory. A leadership speech needs to be engaging and supportive whilst conveying a message of strength and reliability. As a leader, party members put their trust in you to fight their corner. Your speech is a great opportunity to echo their concerns and project a unified direction.


To gain support in your local constituency it is important to portray loyalty to your area. When public speaking opportunities arise, people need to see you identify key issues in the local area and a high level of insight into the concerns and current events affecting the local people. Your speech should humanise your approach and highlight your willingness to represent the area as the highest priority.

His knowledge of current political and economic issues really help with the way my speeches come across within my constituency.

Liberal Democrats (Hampshire)