Whether you are sitting down to draft your best man speech, father of the bride speech, or your own groom or bridal speech, there are a few things you should know: 

  1. Authenticity is the key to a great wedding speech 

 It has to sound like something you’d say. Jokes, sentimental tributes, intellect and dry wit are all forms of giving your speech the edge. If used properly, it can make the world of difference to how the audience reacts to you. When I write speeches for my clients, I do a full appraisal of their own personal style, to ensure any techniques used relate to them personally. 

  1. If you think it’s slightly too short, it’s the perfect length speech 

It can be so tempting to throw in as much content as you can think of. You’ve covered all bases, right? Unfortunately, this is one of the most common pitfalls. Research suggests that the concentration span, and enthusiasm of the audience is at its peak until approximately 7 minutes. Making the speech short enough is one of the hardest parts. When I write for my clients, I tend to prioritise key parts of the speech, and that helps me narrow down my options with which sections should be removed. 

  1. Be inclusive, create content that everyone can relate to at the wedding 

As a wedding speech writer, I tend to write my speeches from more of a high level. This helps a large proportion of the audience relate to your message. Funny best manspeeches may include references to the groom that everyone can understand, amplifying the impact of the jokes. If you go to narrow, you are at serious risk of alienating the people you are actually relying on to create the atmosphere. I like to include holiday stories, irritating habits around the house, general relationship issues and sentiment that everyone can enjoy.