Three key tricks to making your wedding speech authentic and well-received

Whether you are sitting down to draft your best man speech, father of the bride speech, or your own groom or bridal speech, there are a few things you should know:  Authenticity is the key to a great wedding speech   It has to sound like something you’d say. Jokes, sentimental tributes, intellect and dry wit are all forms of [...]

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Beginners Tips for Speechwriting

My Interview with As part of my ongoing working relationship with wedding suppliers throughout the country, I was asked by, the leading directory in the UK, to help their customers with Speechwriting. Please click here to go to the article where I offer some expert advice on how to prepare and structure the [...]

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Groom speech – Speaking at my own wedding

The ultimate test, delivering the groom speech at my own wedding. I’ve been writing best man, father of the bride, bridal and groom speeches for a number of years now and I’ve loved every minute of it. What I didn’t know, was that speaking at my own wedding would be a different kettle of fish [...]

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How to Give the Perfect Father of the Bride Speech

Expert advice on how to write the perfect father of the bride speech There are many techniques and practices available to you, so you can create an awe-inspiring and sentimental gesture to your daughter. I was interviewed by the Wedding Secret, a prominent wedding directory business in the South West of England. I offer some [...]

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How to enhance your speech with simple body language techniques

How to enhance your speech with these simple body language techniques We all know that a great speech isn't just about skilled speech writing. Once you have the words on paper, it's how you really deliver the message to the audience that will get you noticed, and that's why body language is crucial. Think of [...]

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How to Write a Bride Speech

Bride Speech Success Tips We all know the traditional wedding landscape has been dramatically shifting for a little while now. It’s not abnormal nowadays for couples to say their vows on rollercoasters, underwater or even 30,000 feet in the air whilst jumping out of an aeroplane. As ceremonies, locations and entertainment have been lightened with [...]

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The Rise of the Bride Speech

The importance of a bride's speech and what they should include I was asked to write a guest article for online wedding directory, Confetti. Here I discuss the shift in traditional wedding speeches and the increasingly popular bridal speech. Please click here to go to the full article.

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How to write a father of the bride speech

Writing an effective father of the bride speech There comes a time in a man's life when his little girl flies the nest. On her wedding day it is customary that the father of the bride takes the stand and makes the first speech. The father of the bride speech tends to act as the [...]

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Why use a Speech Writer?

How you benefit from hiring a professional Speech Writer It's no secret these days that people often hire somebody to write their speech for them at an important event. This isn't a service strictly for the elite, established politicians or wealthy guests at celebrity weddings. People from all walks of life turn to a professional [...]

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How exactly do you write a funny best man speech?

Make sure you have a funny best man speech for the big day. So you have the stories scribbled down and you know they will appeal to the whole audience, but how do you ensure they translate into laughter from the crowds? It's no secret that the funny best man speech is always the most remembered [...]

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