How to enhance your speech with these simple body language techniques

We all know that a great speech isn’t just about skilled speech writing. Once you have the words on paper, it’s how you really deliver the message to the audience that will get you noticed, and that’s why body language is crucial.

Think of politicians for example, love them or loathe them they are very good at driving a message home by using particular body language techniques. We’ve all seen the knuckle point when they’re really trying to get something across. A lot more thought goes into that than you may believe. A point with a finger can feel intimidating and rude, but with the finger tucked in it shows you are firm, serious and reliable.

This exact idea goes into any speech or public message, whether it be a wedding speech, a political rally or addressing your employees, the principle remains the same.

Open Arm Gestures

One of the oldest tricks in the book but it still works a treat and really convinces the audience of your authenticity. When making a statement or an important point in your speech, open your arms out at a natural distance apart from each other. This may seem trivial but it substantiates your words and adds depth.

Head Raises

Sometimes it’s not convenient or feasible to completely rehearse a speech. This means, in most cases, the words are written on paper and used throughout the speech to keep you on track. One mistake I have seen time and time again, is when a speaker buries their head in the paper and doesn’t raise their head until it’s all finished. Raise your head and look at your audience with every sentence. If somebody shakes your hand and doesn’t look at you, it comes across as disngenious and it’s the same idea here.

Facial Expression

A smile, eyebrow raise, lip bite and everything in between are other great ways of engaging your audience and adding depth to your body language strategy. If you’re delivering a father of the bride speech and saying something sentimental, a soft smile which is visible to the guests will amplify that sentiment no end. If you can’t quite believe what you are saying or expressing something controversial, an eyebrow raise will help soften the boldness of your statement and keep everyone on side.

Body language is a fantastic tool that should be well-executed with every speech. Without it is like going to the gym every day but eating really badly, still a great thing, but could be made so much better with complementary efforts.