Why should I get a speechwriter to write my speech for me?

Putting your upcoming speech into the hands of a professional speechwriter can be a very rewarding experience. You’d be quite surprised how many people seek professional help for a best man’s speech, a groom’s speech, a father of the bride speech, or any speech for that matter.

The real beauty of having an experienced writer work with you is you can create a speech that will guarantee to wow the audience, but nobody in the room will have any idea you had the help. Have you ever been to a wedding and thought ‘that best man’s speech was brilliant’? The chances are you have, and you will have no idea whether that person had worked with someone or not. Those are the speeches that people will talk about for years to come.

How much will it cost to have somebody write my speech for me?

A misconception of using a speechwriter is that it’s a rather expensive service that you are better of doing yourself, I mean, you wouldn’t let another bloke put up a shelf in your front room would you?!

As the owner of a speechwriting business I can assure you it isn’t an expensive service. I only charge £119 for a speech from start to finish with unlimited revisions and changes.

When you write my speech will it sound like me?

Another concern you may have about having somebody else write your speech is that it may not be appropriate for you and it would be too obvious at the ceremony or event. If a speechwriter doesn’t create a speech that flows with your natural rhythm and expression then they haven’t been doing their job properly. If this a concern of one of my clients, they would get their money back.

Can we work together to write my speech?

The process of creating a speech should be a very personable and comfortable one. It should be more of a consultative process. When I write speeches with my clients we have long discussions, inputs and back and forth idea sharing sessions to create a relevant and effective speech. When you consult with a speechwriter make sure it’s a team effort and don’t be afraid to speak up if there’s changes you would like making, regardless of how many drafts he/she has written for you! Speechwriters tend to be a very friendly bunch (providing there’s coffee) so I’m sure none of that will ever be an issue.

Why is the speech so important?

In my opinion (of course I’m going to say this) speeches are possibly the most significant part of any celebratory or professional event. They encapsulate the whole event into a concentrated and emotive session with complete engagement from the audience, it can be a real deal breaker.

If you’re happy to have professionals look after the table settings and photo booth, I really can’t see why anyone would hesitate in using a professional to write their speech.