Interview with BBC Radio

'Ask the Expert' - Owner of Adaptable Speechwriting explains how to create a powerful speech   The current political landscape is somewhat fired up both in the UK and across the Atlantic. After the emotional democratic convention yesterday and a wave of hyperbole coming from the House of Commons, political figures and speechwriters are finding themselves [...]

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Father of the bride speech – Using humour and sentiment

How to write a sentimental father of the bride speech. We all know that the father of the bride speech should be a sentimental and warming tribute to the new bride. But how much sentiment is too much? Is there such a thing? As the owner of Adaptable Speechwriting, I have written my fair share [...]

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How to deliver your best man speech

Getting the most out of your well-written speech Are you speaking at a wedding this summer? Have you been given the joyous role of being best man to the groom? Unless you've hired a speechwriter, chances are it's caused you a bit of stress already. When you're preparing a speech many questions can fly through [...]

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Write my speech for me

Why should I get a speechwriter to write my speech for me? Putting your upcoming speech into the hands of a professional speechwriter can be a very rewarding experience. You'd be quite surprised how many people seek professional help for a best man's speech, a groom's speech, a father of the bride speech, or any [...]

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Tips for groom speech success

The Groom speech: 3 things to consider Are you in the midst of writing your groom speech for your upcoming wedding? Are you confused about how to set the tone? I’ve listed 3 key things to consider to ensure your speech has the desired effect. After writing groom speeches for husbands-to-be all over the country [...]

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Why you shouldn’t use a template for your upcoming speech

Why a speech template is a no go. If a speech template is tried and tested it must work for everyone right? Unfortunately when it comes to writing speeches, the mistake of using a speech template has been made time and time again. The internet is littered with best man speech templates, father of the [...]

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The key to a successful best man speech

Keeping your best man speech on the safe side. Writing and delivering a best man speech doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Ensuring your content is appealing and appropriate will help you nail it and leave the guests talking about your speech for years. As a professional wedding speechwriter, I've seen my fair share [...]

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