Make sure you have a funny best man speech for the big day.

So you have the stories scribbled down and you know they will appeal to the whole audience, but how do you ensure they translate into laughter from the crowds? It’s no secret that the funny best man speech is always the most remembered and well received.

I have written many posts recently on how to write and deliver an effective best man speech. What I’m going to focus on here is how to extract the very most out of the humorous anecdotes you’ve managed to get together and make the groom slightly pink in the face on his big day.

There are three very simple techniques you can adopt to create a funny best man speech and ensure the guests have their fair share of chuckles.

1) Build up to punchlines and witty comments

If you want to create a funny best man speech it is crucial that you take some time setting the scene before delivering a humorous story or joke. Build the audience up by painting a jovial and humorous setting, describing the surroundings and the timeline of events leading up to it. This way you are guaranteed to get the attention of the guests and have full concentration when you deliver the punch line.

 2) Change your pace

Slow down. Even if you are nervous it is fact that pacy and rushed speeches are not as effective. Have a natural pace and it will resonate better with the guests and substantiate your words more. Take a pause before delivering a joke to draw in focus from the audience and you are guaranteed to bag a few laughs.

 3) Engage the guests with physical expression

Hand gestures, facial expressions and audience engagement are crucial when it comes to adding those all-important final touches. Add substance to your jokes and punchlines by using open hand gestures to welcome the guests into your words. When highlighting a funny personality trait of the groom make sure you make eye contact with the audience and give a smile, you will be surprised how much difference it makes.